Today I watched an interview with Peter Senge and right at the end, he said something that really made me pause…

For him, it seemed to be like a bit of a throwaway line but for me, it was the highlight of the interview.

Things are way too urgent to be rushed.

The most important things in our life are urgent and we need to take our time with them. We can only figure out what they are if we slow down to take a look at what’s really important, what is our real impact, where do we want to focus our attention and energy? That’s the important stuff, that’s the urgent stuff and that can’t be rushed.

I’m going to take time over the weekend to ponder this…

What is way too urgent to be rushed, for you right now?


As we step into 2018, reflect on where you would like to slow down in order to speed up. If you’d like to know more about slowing down so that you can set meaningful goals and tackle the really urgent and important stuff, let’s begin a conversation. Connect with me by clicking here


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