The student raised his hand and asked…

Since we’re learning about communication and how to get our message across impactfully, why is it that the education system is still based on sitting in lectures the whole day taking in information that just tires us out?

I gave a lecture on communication in times of change as part of an MBA module (Leading Change in Global Organisations) at Tel Aviv University. The class is interactive. We encourage students to critically analyse readings, research, models and basically everything.

We know that when organisations experience change, stress levels are high and messages have to simplified, shortened and repeated often. We know that staff want to see that their leaders care.

In academic institutions and schools, we’re seeing some movement towards a more flexible teaching approach… varying teaching methods, using audio-visual elements, technology, getting discussions going in class, adding role plays and practical approaches but the question still needs to be asked…

Are we teaching in a way that maximises learning and the use of our brain power?

Are organisations delivering messages that maximise learning and delivery?

Are we moving with the times?

What do you say?

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