Are you ready?

My purpose is to lead with purpose and impact.

My mission is to help talented, successful people become extraordinary leaders.


We work together, embarking on an intensive leadership journey to discover your purpose and create breakthroughs in the way you lead, inspire and influence.

The results speak for themselves – focus, joy, meaning, purpose and success.

I work with talented people, like you, who always aim for extraordinary in every sphere of life.

I work with CEOs (and leaders) in crisis or transition to discover their purpose and lead with impact.

Yes, that’s you because…

You like to shake things up.

You’re not satisfied with ‘more of the same.’ 

You’re always striving to achieve more, go further, be better.

Sometimes in all that achievement-drive, you get lonely and the sense of purpose and meaning get lost.

This is where our work begins.

Together we embark on a journey of discovery of purpose, power, presence and impact to get to results AND fulfillment so that you can live the dream.

Together we explore purpose, presence, power and impact to find the ‘yes’ in the ‘no’ and get to 10X success, fulfillment, joy.


So… who am I?


I have qualifications in business, leadership and coaching. I’m an Actuary, Author, Speaker and Leadership Coach so I tick the academic boxes, so to speak. For an official bio with all the boring details, you can scroll down to the end of the page.


So what? You may ask.

If you are looking to work with me, you’d want to know more than that, right?


I work with CEOs and their teams, across the globe, to transform workplace culture by digging deep into leadership power and purpose, developing strategic processes, leading change initiatives and enabling great leadership.

Recent assignments across Africa, Middle East and India include the following clients: Barclays Bank, Coca-Cola, Standard Chartered Bank, Anglo American, Rio Tinto, University of Stellenbosch and GIBS Business School.


Yeah, yeah, yeah… That’s important too but what about some interesting stuff?


  • I’m a mountain climber and adventurer. I’ve written a book about it because climbing Kilimanjaro was one of the hardest things I’ve done (by choice).
  • I’ve faced death head-on and survived… long story. It’s also in my book.
  • I’ve moved countries many times.
  • I’ve worked and succeeded in a male-dominated environment (Director at age 23).
  • I’ve made a massive career change from numbers to humans… forsaking the large income, secure career path, stock options.
  • I’ve ticked many items on my bucket list… Owned my dream car, written a book, traveled to exotic places, ate the most expensive food in the world (truffles), achieved a cum laude Masters degree and there’s more to come.
  • I’m raising 3 kids with the love and support of my husband, which some may say is the toughest challenge and most rewarding experience we can have in life.
  • I love music, dancing and playing the saxophone. My secret vice is a karaoke singing app much to my kids’ embarassment.
  • I run and my next goal is running a half marathon, as soon as my knee recovers from an unfortunate skiing injury.
  • I’ve found my purpose and I’m obsessed with it. I’m obsessively driven to live each day in alignment with it. I’m obsessive about being 100% in service and a resource to my clients. I’m obsessed with making a difference. I’m obsessed with living life to the full!


I think that just about covers it… Want to know more?

Let’s have a conversation.


what is your why?

You are a Leader: Executive, CEO, Founder, Consultant, Business owner

You are a high-impact, high-performing achiever

You like to push the boundaries, achieve what seems to others to be impossible and still go for more.

You are an unconventional thinker

You are always pushing yourself to achieve more, do more, be more

You would never be satisfied with “more of the same”

You constantly ask yourself

What’s next?

What’s my legacy?

How do I do it better?

How do I become better?

Working together means we take a deep dive into what’s meaningful, what’s important, what is your why?

We don’t shy away from the tough stuff, the uncomfortable, the challenging.

We focus on what matters as you strive for your next big thing.

Being a leader can get lonely

Every time you achieve a milestone, you know the next one is around the corner

Every next milestone means more push from you

A push past the barriers in your own mind, past the doubt, uncertainty, complexity

Working with me means you have a partner and mentor on this journey to make you the best leader you can be.

We look at your leadership strategy, leadership brand, leadership purpose and leadership effectiveness

So that you can continue to lead with even more Power, Purpose and Impact


Working together: begins with a conversation

Official Bio

I work with successful and powerful executives and business owners who are disruptors, who like to shake things up, who are not satisfied with ‘more of the same’ because they are always striving to be better, go further, achieve more. Together we explore presence, power, purpose and impact to find the ‘yes’ in the ‘no’ and to get to 10XSUCCESS.

I am an Actuary, Author, Keynote Speaker and Leadership Coach with qualifications in business, leadership and coaching – FIA (UK), MCC (ICF) and MPhil (cum laude). Having accumulated more than 3500 hours working with leaders and teams across the globe over the last 10 years, I’m the career and business strategist that partners with you to:

• Discover your purpose and live it every day
• Communicate with clarity and focus
• Lead through crisis and change
• Achieve and drive excellence within your business
• Maximise impact & presence
• Create and implement a powerful business strategy

This leads you to achieve exceptional results, far beyond expectations.

Specialties: Strategic thinking, Career crossroads, Business strategy, process & structure, Team cohesion, Tough conversations, Communication, Leadership purpose & impact, Mentoring, Neuroscience, Organisational culture



Areas of Speciality:

  • Leadership Purpose, power & impact
  • Career crossroads
  • Strategic thinking
  • Team cohesion
  • Tough conversations
  • Communication
  • Mentoring
  • Neuroscience
  • Organisational culture & change

Areas of Speciality:

  • Discover your purpose and live it every day
  • Communicate with clarity and focus
  • Lead through crisis and change
  • Achieve and drive excellence within your business
  • Maximise your power, presence and impact
  • Create and implement a powerful business strategy and plan of action

Recent clients include:

  • Barclays Bank, Coca-Cola, Discovery, Hollard Insurance, Rand Merchant Bank, Standard Chartered Bank, Anglo American, Rio Tinto, University of Stellenbosch and GIBS Business School.