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Women in Leadership – Speaking Out!

–> Being an executive coach and an actuary puts me in a unique position. As an actuary, I’m assumed to have a workable level of financial knowledge and as a coach, I’m assumed to be able to guide people to certain levels of understanding, knowledge and awareness. Putting the two together creates an interesting dynamic […]

A little voice from heaven… This one’s for you, Bruce!

–> My previous blog post – I am Done! (blogpost: I-am-Done) seems to have resonated with many. I keep getting messages about how much people could relate to this post and how this particular article challenged them to think about what they are done with… Thanks for the feedback guys, it means a lot! In […]

Do you believe in magic?

–>  As kids we believed in magic. We didn’t question the world of fairy tales, tooth fairies and the charming prince that saved the distressed damsel to live in everlasting happiness and prosperity. We watched magic shows and marvelled at how these things could possibly exist, believing every illusion, every disappearing bunny. As we grew […]

Before I die, I want to…

–> Candy Chang’s TED talk on this topic is a powerful, inspiration must-see (link http://www.ted.com/talks/candy_chang_before_i_die_i_want_to.html). Candy reflects on her experience of losing a loved one and how this allowed her to confront the idea of death without fear. She asked herself the question of what is it that she wants to do before she dies? […]

Authenticity – The scarcest, most coveted resource

“The scarcest, most coveted resources aren’t high-tech machines or highly developed cities, but unspoilt places, people, objects, animals and experiences” – Martha Beck. I’ve recently picked up Martha Beck’s book – Finding your way in a wild new world – for the second time and came across this statement that resonated with me strongly. I […]