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The hug that made all the difference

  Andre, a 48-year-old manager, head of operations of a large engineering and building company was referred to me for coaching to improve his interpersonal relationships at work. He was a good manager – delivery was on time, deadlines were met, projects handled well. Overcoming challenges typical in the industry was a big priority especially […]

Accountability? What the **** does that mean?

  I often reflect on accountability and how it shows up (or doesn’t) in my coaching engagements. Not without some guilt I might add. Guilt because I know that when my clients decide on an action to take forward from a session, I don’t always follow-up. In fact, I generally don’t follow-up. If a client […]

It’s Complicated!

Last week I found myself chatting to my sister about a situation I’ve been dealing with, a complex one. Many times through our discussion, I caught myself saying, “It’s complicated.” After a while she responded, “It’s really not complicated, you’re making it complicated. It’s simple.” I’ve been pondering that thought for a while. What makes […]

Women in Leadership – Speaking Out!

–> Being an executive coach and an actuary puts me in a unique position. As an actuary, I’m assumed to have a workable level of financial knowledge and as a coach, I’m assumed to be able to guide people to certain levels of understanding, knowledge and awareness. Putting the two together creates an interesting dynamic […]

A little voice from heaven… This one’s for you, Bruce!

–> My previous blog post – I am Done! (blogpost: I-am-Done) seems to have resonated with many. I keep getting messages about how much people could relate to this post and how this particular article challenged them to think about what they are done with… Thanks for the feedback guys, it means a lot! In […]