Why do we write posts on social media?

Two possible reasons (maybe there are more, but I can only think of 2 big ones right now):

Reason #1 – because we want to put our stuff out there and gets likes.

Reason #2 – because we want to write for the joy of writing, because we believe in the message that we want to share with the world and, as an added bonus, we hope that it will touch lives and make an impact.

What’s the difference between these two reasons?
Do we even have to have a reason?

For anyone using social media as a business tool, It is critical to know why we post on social media and to have a clear strategy for it.
So that every post has a reason that is aligned with who we are and what we’re trying to do in the world.

So now that we know it is important to have a reason to write, how do we know which of the reasons drives us?

It could be a little of both, right?


Here is how I know why I write.

When I’ve written a post and I’m constantly checking it to see how many views, how many likes, who’s commented and busying myself with thinking what will others think, then its reason #1.
And I will admit I’m guilty of some of those behaviours at times.

But, every now and then, when I finish writing a post or article and I feel a rush of joy, I experience a sense of relief because those words were sitting at the tip of my brain asking to be written.
Those are the posts that just flow from brain to fingers to keyboard and when I finish I think, “Boy, do I love writing.”
That’s when I know its reason #2.

Now, every time I get a like or a comment reason-#1-type-of-posts, I’ll be counting them and at the same time thinking, why am I not getting more views, more like, more comments. C’mon let’s see one more.

Whereas with reason-#2-type-of-posts, each like that comes in is like a little burst of joy from the beyond. It makes my heart skip with pleasure that my words are being seen and read. I don’t keep checking and when I get notified of a like, I sigh with appreciation.

The way I see it

  • reason-#1-type-of-posts are more ego based (and yes, those of us who post all like some ego stroking from time to time);
  • reason-#2-type-of-posts are purpose based.

We all have a little bit of both in us. I’m definitely aiming for more of reason #2.

Let’s think about this in other areas of life too.
Which areas of your life are driven by ego and which are driven by purpose?


What is the message that is bursting to come out from you and that when you express it, a little bubble of joy burst from within you? Please share your message with us below…
I want to read it and bring more joy into the world.

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