We’re so scared to ask for stuff in case we get told “no.”  Hearing no is tough for us humans because we immediately make it personal. The “no” sends a thousand messages that only we hear, in our own heads. Messages like: I’m not good enough, they don’t like me, I don’t deserve this… You know what I mean.

Every “no” we hear feels like a rejection of who we are. Often it has nothing to do with us but still… its hard to ask.

So maybe its time for some rejection therapy.

I’ve just recently come across this concept and I think is wonderful…

It means getting yourself used to hearing “no” by asking anyone for anything and not expecting to get any “yes” answers. These requests can be silly, fun and even ridiculous.

For example when you go shopping, ask the cashier to give you your shopping for free OR go up to a stranger and ask them to walk your dog OR ask your children to tidy their room (plenty of ideas for no’s with kids).

Because we’re scared of hearing no, we don’t ask for anything even when it’s important. Some examples are asking for help at work with a difficult project, developing sales in business by asking for referrals.

So how about we begin by training ourselves to overcome this with rejection therapy.

Want to play? What examples can you think of for things that we can ask (even perfect strangers) and begin collecting no’s? And you may get the biggest surprise of your life when you start getting some unexpected yes’s.

Let’s play!

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