Courage to Lead


Courage to Lead is a leadership book with a difference.

This is a leadership book. It is also a story of an adventure.
Because leadership is an adventure

– Daphna Horowitz, Courage to Lead

Everyone can be a leader but does everyone take up that opportunity? Do we know how?

Courage to Lead has short chapters, each telling a story of leadership. Courage to Lead is easy to read and filled with leadership lessons. Every chapter ends with a leadership challenge that takes you on your own leadership journey.

If you would like to gain a deeper understanding of leadership or develop leadership within yourself and/or the people you lead, then the stories and lessons in this book will help you embark on your own leadership adventure in a simple, quick and practical way.

If you are a leader, an aspiring leader or if you work with leaders to enhance their leadership effectiveness, then this book can serve as a coach and guide on your journey.


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Card set: Leadership Q

Leadership Q is your leadership thinking coach-in-a-box which will facilitate the shift you need to create awareness, make a decision and take action.

“Greatness in leadership is about thinking, questioning, shifting perspectives and making decisions.”
– Daphna Horowitz

In leadership, we often need to make courageous decisions.
How do we know which way to go?
How do we know we’ve considered all perspectives?
How do we make sure we have taken out any personal bias and allowed for different viewpoints?

Leadership Q is a great tool to explore your own thinking or to use with others for brainstorming or problem solving conversations. This set of 65 cards poses powerful, open-ended questions that will make you think, reflect and shift perspective. Each card has a question that will help you to think more broadly about a topic or situation that is on your mind.

Take these cards to your next team meeting or use them yourself to practice deepening your own thinking and awareness around topical issues.

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