LEADERSHIP COACHING: It begins with a conversation


You are already at the top of your game. You get results, you know your business, you lead your team.

You have the skills, tools and knowledge at your fingertips.

What’s next? is the question on your mind.

Where do you go to find the next level of growth, the next challenge, the next buzz?

In reality, once you’re at the top, it gets pretty lonely.

The next level of challenge and growth can only come from within by getting in touch with your purpose and your unique contribution to the world.

Its not about acquiring more things and more success (although that does keep you moving forward).

It is now about adding meaning and purpose, taking an objective inside look and seeing how you can develop yourself even more.

That is a journey you can’t undertake on your own. To get to the next level of growth and challenge, you need to surround yourself with people who will challenge you, push you and help you create a legacy that is so big that even you feel scared to say it out loud…


And that’s a challenge worth going for.

This is what we call meaningful leadership


Are you ready to discover what that is?


One-on-one leadership mentoring

You are already at the top of your game. You get results, you know your business, you lead your team.

You have the skills, tools and knowledge at your fingertips.

What’s next? is the question on your mind.

Working together, we take an intensive journey that creates breakthroughs in your leadership and extraordinary results in your business and life.

We begin with a purpose discovery session that sets the tone for our work together. From there we develop a strategy and dive into a process that digs deep to understand your world, discover meaning and purpose and create a big vision.

When you understand your why, your perspective changes and your world shifts with it. That is when you get extraordinary results.


Transformational Leadership Experience Africa

Together we journey into Africa on a transformational leadership experience to return invigorated, excited, challenged and transformed from the inside, ready to make an impact in your leadership, business and life. A leadership intensive that creates a transformational experience from the inside-out.

If you’re already at the top of your game and asking yourself, what now?

If you’re looking for the next challenge, the next breakthrough and the next opportunity to create an impact, this experience is for you…


Are you ready?


Specialty Areas for Coaching

  • Leadership development
  • Career development
  • Career transitions and promotions
  • Personal empowerment and fulfilment
  • Scenario planning (vision & strategy)
  • Conflict resolution
  • Emotional Intelligence

Industry Experience

  • Financial Services & Investment Banking
  • IT
  • Consumer & Retail
  • Mining & Engineering
  • Academic Institutions
  • Manufacturing

With more than 3500 hours of coaching leaders and facilitating workshops over the last 10 years, Daphna has a Master level (MCC) accreditation with the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and has been involved in many projects including:

  • Coaching executives and teams to maximise their impact and potential as leaders
  • Design and facilitation of workshops on various topics relating to leadership development such as organisational culture, vision, values, strategy, feedback, leadership from the inside out, conflict resolution, team cohesiveness and emotional intelligence
  • Partnering with organisations in creating a collaborative, transparent organisational culture
  • Design and facilitation of mentoring programmes within organisations
  • Design and facilitation of coach training programmes, aimed at managers and in-house coaches
  • Speaking at various events on topics related to wholehearted leadership, coaching and mentoring

Transformational Leadership Experience

Our signature programme: Leadership in Africa

A leadership intensive that creates a transformational experience from the inside-out.

If you’re already at the top of your game and asking yourself, what now?

If you’re looking for the next challenge, the next breakthrough and the next opportunity to create an impact, this experience is for you…


email us on hello@daphnahorowitz.com


Our broad range of leadership development programmes are custom designed based on our clients’ specifications to ensure that desired objectives are achieved.

Other programmes include:

  • Leadership Power Purpose Impact
  • Leading Change
  • Leader as mentor
  • Communicate to Engage
  • Difficult Conversations

Everyone is a leader with the power to have a positive impact and make a difference.

  • Leadership Power: Worrier or Warrior
  • Leadership Purpose: What is your why?
  • Leadership Presence: Communicating with Impact
  • Leadership Brand: What do you stand for?
  • Leading Change in Complex Times

When we think of power, we often associate it with negative impact. Connotations of control and abuse come to mind. However, leadership without power is ineffective.

The art and science of leadership lies in understanding how to use our power in a way that creates positive change and positive impact. By fully embracing our power and understanding how to draw on it, build it and mould it, we can use it to benefit ourselves, our environment, our community, our business and our career.

In power lies a delicate balance between underutilising it because of the need to be liked, to please, to create harmony and overusing it to the point of being over-controlling, manipulative and arrogant. Breaking power down into various skills can help leaders identify how to work with power so that the delicate balance is achieved optimally.

Leadership power can be demonstrated in various forms. This series of lectures comprises five topics relating to leadership power. Each topic reflects a leadership skill that when used effectively can improve your skill, effectiveness and impact.

Each topic is available as a stand-alone lecture or workshop or as a series.

Ask about our leadership purpose discovery session available in group format or one-on-one



Keynote Speaking

As a professional speaker, Daphna combines her experience in the business world, with her passion for purposeful living to deliver practical, motivational, and transformative presentations. She has developed several powerful programs, which can be delivered as keynotes or longer workshops.

Topics include:

  • 7 Principles of Powerful Leadership
  • The Expert Leader
  • Courage to Create Change
  • Personal Resilience
  • Courageous Conversations
  • Employee Engagement – the Neuroscience Way
  • Playing to Win
  • Speak up! Be the change
  • and more…

Daphna appears regularly on TV, radio and magazine articles as a specialist in various coaching and leadership topics

Masterclass for Fearless Coaches

Fearless coaching is about being bold, being honest and providing a safe space for clients to go anywhere they want to.

If you want your clients to go to the edge of what’s possible, you need to be able to go to your edge.

And where do you find a supportive group of coaches who can work with you to take you to your edge, to up your game so that you can maintain the best levels of serving your client?

Right here, at the Coach Masterclass.

Learn and grow together to attain mastery in your coaching technique and style.

Small group size in a virtual meeting room so you can join from anywhere in the world.

Cultivate presence, hone your skills and master the art of deep coaching with in the moment practice and feedback.


Run by MCC coach, Daphna Horowitz, these are bi-weekly meetings on a virtual platform where you focus on your coaching, your clients and how to get even better.

This masterclass if for you if you are:

  • An experienced coach already (at least 5 years in active practice)
  • Working with senior leaders in business
  • Always on the ready to learn and expand your coaching knowledge
  • Ready to contribute to the learning of others
  • Usually the smartest / most experienced coach in the room

What can you expect?

  • Small group learning (max 8 participants)
  • Classes conducted on Zoom – attend from anywhere
  • 6 group sessions of 1.5 hours each
  • Each class is recorded and made available after class to participants
  • In the moment coaching and feedback
  • to deep dive into masterful coaching
  • 7 mentor coaching hours that can be used for ACC, PCC or MCC credential


Contact us for more information and the dates of our next Fearless Coach Masterclass

Lumina Spark Personality Profile

People perform best when they are asked to execute a role that plays to their talents and strengths.  Good performance and a natural role fit leads to individuals who are prepared to invest more energy into their jobs and their company.

The Lumina Spark Portrait is a personalised assessment which helps explore each person’s uniqueness, increase self-awareness and adapt behaviour to improve personal effectiveness and professional relationships. This means that you can use your portrait to become more effective at making things happen and to improve communication with others.

The Lumina Spark portrait is based on years of psychological research, gives insight into preferred behaviours, strengths and areas of development. All of those at 3 persona levels – internal, every day and under pressure.

In a fun, interactive workshop, participants get to understand their own natural, preferred styles of work, communication and leading others and those of the other team members. Exercises are utilised to put these insights into practice and see how they come together when working as a team.

Key features:

  • It’s Credible – Big 5 Research base
  • It’s Practical – Use of colour
  • It’s Intelligent – Measures 3 personas
  • It’s Holistic – Embraces paradox
  • It’s Honouring – Not stereotype or label
  • It Transforms – personal; team; leadership; sales
  • It’s Easy – on-line web-based solution

Benefits of Lumina Spark Portrait

  • Increase team cohesion, collaboration and performance
  • Create effective communication across the organization
  • Improve relationships with all stakeholders
  • Improve staff morale and maximize engagement
  • Tap hidden talents
  • Create empowered and effective Leaders
  • Available in a team profile as well