Take it easy… But take it!

In my family, “take it easy” is something we often say to each other when we’re going through a tough time.

The expression, while I’m sure is meant as a vote of support and care, leaves me feeling less than comforted, supported or cared for.

I ask myself, am I doing something wrong? am I not taking it easy and should I be? Am I saying something that gives the impression that I’m getting over-worked-up?

It is good advice to bring a measure of calm and ease into our lives – no matter what is going on – I’m all for it! At the same time its also ok to feel the intensity of the moment, good or bad. Its ok to take a stand rather than feign indifference… as in, I don’t care, that doesn’t bother me… nothing can touch me, hurt me, move me.

What kind of human would that make?

So when I heard, “take it easy… but take it,” my heart danced. I thought that’s it! My new motto.

YES! Take it! as in allowing yourself to feel, act, say, do AND at the same time, being open to ease and flow and alignment together with a peaceful way of being on the inside.


Take it easy… but take it! For me, that resonates.


How about you?


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