Authenticity is the daily practice of letting go of who we think we’re supposed to be and embracing who we are – Brene Brown

I have a warrior in me… and I believe in a just world.

The combination of these 2 things can be fiery because when I come across an injustice, especially a social injustice, it really gets to me…right to my soul… And the warrior in me comes out.

Over the years, when I was growing up, I’ve been told: “you’re a lady,” “don’t let it get to you,” or “it’s not worth it.”

But I disagree. There are many things that are worth it: when we create a different outcomes, when we get people to think about their actions in a different way and when they change the way they do things. A big one is when people apologise.

Each one of us has a level of tolerance that when crossed will bring out their warrior. Sometimes we ignore that warrior, instead paying attention to those messages of our upbringing. I did that for many years, not wanting to upset anyone or rock the boat.

Today I embrace my warrior.

I’ve learnt to know how to bring forth my warrior in a way that serves meĀ  and my work in the world…

I’ll admit that there are times when my warrior cowers in the corner, not wanting to fight. There are also times when she unleashes herself with full fury. Many times I’ve managed to use her power and see the ripple effects of her positive impact.

I’m grateful for my warrior while still learning how to use her with impact.

Can you identify your warrior? Do you allow your warrior the space to express itself? What instances bring your warrior out?

Embrace your inner warrior and let it shine.




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