As I woke up this morning, an interesting visual appeared in my mind. It was a banner (kind of old movie, Charlie Chaplin style) that said,




I’m a great believer in the power of sleep. I regularly go to sleep while intentionally pondering a troubling thought or dilemma. I then hand this problem over for processing to my subconscious mind, while I move on to the sleeping bit. In the morning, I hope to receive a solution or idea as a message from my subconscious. And it works!


I love it – relying on my sleeping mind to work… while I enjoy some rest.


Last night, I didn’t fall asleep pondering a troubling situation and yet, I still received this pop up idea.


“Week 1”


My analytical and curious mind immediately went into overdrive… What does this mean? Week 1 for what? What should I start? What’s the message?


And then I decided to ease into it and rather than push for an answer… see what comes up.


As I write this, here’s what came up…


I’m calling “Week 1” on connecting with fun and interesting people.



If you are up for a conversation to connect,

1. Let me know in the comments below or

2. Message me or

3. Send a connection request (if we’re not connected already) on social media or

4. Share this post with someone I don’t know who is fun or interesting or both


What’s your WEEK 1?


If you’d like to begin your week 1 by discovering your purpose and creating a big vision, let’s begin a conversation. Connect with me by clicking here


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