Working with leaders who are at the top of their game, means that I have to be at the top of mine. That’s why I have my A-Team.

My A-Team is made up as follows:

A business mentor who helps me develop and revisit my business and marketing strategy so that I remain at the cutting edge of business growth and on track towards my vision.

A coach who keeps me on my toes in terms of my purpose, mission, message and values and ensures that I’m always aligned: who I am with what I do.

A supervisor who gives me feedback about my work with clients and explores the complex cases that sometimes trigger my own stuff that needs to be worked with, for personal growth.

In addition, I grow my knowledge by reading about current trends, methodologies, tools and ideologies in leadership development to keep my clients current and give them the best.

I attend courses to sharpen my saw and not sink into a comfort zone for even one minute, thinking “I know all this already. I’ve done it for a long time”

I invest in myself and my business so that my clients get the very best!

That’s what I do…

What do you do?

Who’s on your A-Team?

As an executive, business owner, manager¬† or consultant in the business of leading and if you’re in the business of leading then you’re in the business of developing people. And if you’re developing people you need to begin with developing yourself.

This means developing your knowledge, skills and personal effectiveness.

If you want to be the best, make sure you work with the best… Get your A-Team in place.


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