My favourite topic for a keynote or workshop is: The 7 principles of leadership power.

Courage is one of the principles.

People may think that power comes from confidence. That you first need to be confident before you can show up confidently with a bold message and clear conviction.

However, that’s often not the case.

Confidence is the result of courage.

Courage requires you to take a leap – through fear – and into action.

Courage requires taking a step that is uncertain and risky, when there is no safety net.

Courage is about being willing to be uncomfortable – move to the edges of what you’re capable of and taking a step further. And then taking repetitive, consistent action.

Confidence comes from mastering skills through repetition and practice. The more you practice something the more confident you become. Confidence is not a quality but rather a result of consistent action and courage.

Courage builds confidence. Through taking those leaps and then continuing with consistent action, you build confidence.


What is the leap you need to take so that you can build confidence?


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